Software testing interviews - DOs and DONTs

Today, I would like to share my thoughts as an interviewer (I'm leading a testing team and one of my responsibilities is hiring able candidates for the team). Here are a few points where some candidates disappointed me having projected themselves as prospective candidates.

My intention is to get a prospective tester to be sincere about himself/herself and a prospective interviewer to be cautious about candidates.

  • Some candidates, sensing the demand in the market for skills like Unix/Linux and usage of automation tools, put these skills on their CV to get an interview. And when actually questioned on some basics, they are unable to answer and apply to real world situations.
    • An experienced interviewer who has spent a few years in testing will easily be able to identify such candidates. Please do not waste people's time with false claims.
  • Some candidates cook up a false CV to project performance testing experience. When questioned 'what exactly is performance testing', most of them answer in terms of load testing. Believe me, I've met candidates who said they have run performance (or to say load) tests for 2 users.
    • My suggestion is atleast be frank and tell that you are keen to learn these testing techniques as a broader agenda. The candidate dont have to lie to get thru a job (which in all probability he/she wont). Expression of eagerness to learn and demonstration of some skills learnt out of own interest carry a lot of weightage.
  • Another of my favourite - Winrunner, QTP and Loadrunner. The market is flooded with CVs who claim to have 'Extensive experience' in these skills (atleast in Bangalore aka Bengaluru). When the candidate comes in, he/she clarifies that they finished a course in these skills.
    • I dont say that is bad. Either they should be good and able to relate what they have learnt to solve problems in the real world scenario or not use punch words like 'Extensive experience' and be truthful about the skills. I understand the competition is high, but believe only the honest ones will make it.
  • Punctuality is another rare characteristic nowadays. I'm really surprised at the number of candidates turning up late for an interview (one candidate was late by an hour and 15 mins) and they do not even apologize.
    • The result of your interview is pretty much sealed in the beginning if you are late and do not apologize and give a strong reason for the delay (even if you are extremely good at your job). Atleast ensure you call the company and tell them that you are getting late.


Good one...Am already on ur

Good one...Am already on ur way (Genuinely looking for Job)...I too had the same experience which u faced when am a interviewer in my previous company...Thanks

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