Selenium typekeys do not work with firefox 8, 9, 10, 11. Download firefox 7.

For those of you who are facing problem with selenium typekeys not working with the more recent versions of firefox, here's the update.

As I could gather from a lot of complaints on various forums, the typekeys method for selenium does not type any text as expected on the firefox browser versions later than 7.

Firefox 7 is the last version that I have experienced this working without any problem. After lot of searching, I found Firefox 7 to download on this website:

Downgraded my existing Firefox 11 on Windows 7 by uninstalling it and installing Firefox 7.

Selenium typekeys magically started working.

Hope this helps. I pesonally do not worry too much about the security issues that the latest browser versions brag about. If we lived with Firefox 3.x for such a long time, we should be able to live with version 7 anyway.

As long as my regression tests work as expected I'm happy. Whenever Selenium announces support for the new browser version for typekeys issue, will go back and upgrade. Until then, happy test automation.

As an update to this, just wanted to highlight an issue I had installing addons - Firebug and Firepath to Firefox 7. They didn't work even though their websites claim they support. I'm now downgraded to Firefox 6 that I found here:

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