On a lighter note, a couple of live examples of buggy releases

Just today, I came across two instances of bugs which have gone live. It's so glaring, its surprising it made it to the world outside.

Indigo Standard Time v/s Indian Standard time mailer

This is a good one. Indigo airlines wants to tell it's customers how prompt they are when it comes to timings. See the sentence with the timings and you'll know what's wrong.

<Image coming shortly. Please bear.>

Indian Tax Department website

The Indian tax department website sent me an email to register with them, so that I can view the tax history online.

After obtaining the username and password which was secure enough, on the first login, you are prompted to change your password.

When you do that you are also supposed to choose a security question and one of them was 'Which is your favourite color'.

Looks like validation for this option was not tested well. If you put in Red, Green, Blue, it complains that the answer cannot be less than 6 characters. How can that be ?


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