TestLink - Free, open source test case management tool

TestLink - is a free open source test case management and execution tool.

Having recently joined a startup product development company, where test cases are all over the place stored in Excel spreadsheets, we realised the difficulties of management of test cases - making changes to existing tests, adding new tests, monitoring test runs and still maintaining versioning for tracking purposes.


Test Automation Framework

What is a test automation framework

A test framework is essentially a well defined, systematic approach to testing a product or service. You define how you are going to test and report the test results.

Typically a 'test framework' is discussed in the context of 'test automation framework'.

A test automation framework is important for the following reasons:


Types of software testing techniques

Broadly, software testing techniques can be broken into two types:

  1. Functionality testing
  2. Non-functionality testing

Functionality testing

This means testing the behaviour of the application to see if it is doing what it is expected to do. If one person were to use a Windows calculator application, he should expect to see that addition, subtraction, multiple and division work accurately.

Example: If he enters 2, presses + button, enters 2, presses = button, the result displayed should be 4.


Software testing - what, why and how

Software testing - that's the buzz word in the IT industry today. I come across so many youngsters who are excited about career prospects in this field. They are excited about the number of job opportunities for skilled testers and more importantly, the high salaries. Many are willing to quit jobs in other fields


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