Download free test plan template

I have come across a lot of people asking what should be the content of a test plan. So, for the benefit of our testing community, I'm attaching a test plan template that I created and being used quite effectively in our company.

This is by no means complete. Test plans can be tailored to be big or small. It all depends on the testing requirements of your organization and the complexity of the project.

Feel free to use and modify this to your requirement.

Here's the test plan template, free to download.


Bug classification based on severity and priority

Bugs are inevitable in any software development life cycle. Everybody knows that. However, you have a deadline to meet. You have a release to get over with. There comes a point in time for a release when you take a call and decide what bugs to fix and what not to fix.

Here comes the importance of bug classification. The decision on what bugs to fix and what not to fix is made based on the bug classification.

Bug classification is done primarily to separate the most important bugs from the not so important ones.


10 great reasons for a career in testing

Here's what one of the innovators in the open source industry says about a career in testing. I do agree with him.


Delete blank lines using vi editor

Here's a very handy option to delete blank lines from a text file on Unix.

If it's a one time operation, you don't want to spend time writing a script for it.

Open the file using 'vi' editor [ # vi testfile.txt ]

Hit 'Esc' key to ensure you are in command mode.

Type :g/^$/d and hit Enter. You are done.

Here ^ means beginning of the line and $ means end of line (a blank line with no characters on it). 'd' means delete.

If there are space characters on the blank line, you could do this:

:g/^ *$/d


Testlink: Using custom fields and keywords for effective testing

Some of you may already be aware that 'Testlink' is open source test case management tool. If not, see my earlier post about Testlink here.

There are two great features provided with Testlink.


Browser compatibility tests

Browser compatibility testing, sometimes a.k.a cross browser testing.

Testing web applications ? With a host of web browsers in the market each vying for a market share (Google Chrome is the latest entrant and I have to admit it's a cool browser), it's becoming increasingly difficult for websites to cater to a large internet community each using a different browser ( or someone like me who uses 3 browsers, please do not ask reasons  )


PostgreSQL useful commands

Here is a collection of commands that I use frequently to connect and operate on a PostgreSQL database:

To connect to a remote postgresql (pgsql) database:

psql -h <hostname> -U <username> <dbname>

Hit Enter and enter password to connect to the DB.

hostname - host where the database resides

username - user for the schema

dbname - db which is accessible by the user

List available postgresql databases:

\l (small L)

List available tables under a postgresql database:


Open source software in Testing

You've probably heard this term open source software many times before. Or you may be one of those geeks who has developed some open source applications. My intention of writing this is to help those testers who know little or nothing about open source software.If you are asking what is open source software? The following will give you an idea of open source software:


Software testing interviews - DOs and DONTs

Today, I would like to share my thoughts as an interviewer (I'm leading a testing team and one of my responsibilities is hiring able candidates for the team). Here are a few points where some candidates disappointed me having projected themselves as prospective candidates.

My intention is to get a prospective tester to be sincere about himself/herself and a prospective interviewer to be cautious about candidates.


TestLink - Free, open source test case management tool

TestLink - is a free open source test case management and execution tool.

Having recently joined a startup product development company, where test cases are all over the place stored in Excel spreadsheets, we realised the difficulties of management of test cases - making changes to existing tests, adding new tests, monitoring test runs and still maintaining versioning for tracking purposes.


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