Software testing and importance of test automation in agile development

Agile development is the buzz word in today's software development and software testing world. It's a paradigm shift from the typical process oriented software development models used.

In agile mode, software release/delivery cycles are short. Features are doled out in small sets compared to the big bang approach in traditional delivery models. Hence testing in the agile environment demands new approaches to testing.


Books on Selenium

Wow. Recently I figured out there are some books on Selenium out there on Amazon. One of them Selenium Simplified is recommended reading.

Check it out here - Books on Selenium.



Selenium typeKeys dot problem: strips out dot from the string entered

We had problems using typeKeys in selenium python.
When a string was entered in a textbox using typeKeys, for eg typeKeys(locator,''), it ended up typing 'testme@testmecom'.


XML-RPC for a distributed test automation framework

In today's world, software has evolved into highly distributed and complex architectures to optimise its usage. This poses a big challenge to testers who need to ensure that a solid regression test automation framework is developed and deployed to take care of this. No matter how complex the implementation of the software product, it needs to be thorougly tested and quality maintained during the entire cycle of the product.


Soft skills to be a successful tester / test manager

Soft skills or how you interact with your fellow team members or managers is a very important aspect to be a successful tester and also a future manager. While it is important to be technically sound, you should also be able to take people working around you alongwith you to work as one team.

As most of us experience, personality clashes or ego clashes are quite common in a workplace. If you are just started in a job, you'll see what I mean. You are probably better of reading this now than most of us understood the hard way. - a test lab for cross browser - cross platform testing

If your web application caters to a whole world of people spread across geographies, you may very well want your web application to be well tested to work on the various browsers running on different operating systems.

Here's a company that fits pretty well into that situation -


Selenium RC for web application test automation

Selenium is a very popular - open source - web application test automation - tool.

Selenium is very powerful mainly because of the programming language support it has for - ruby, python, perl, java, etc. That brings a lot of these languages' features like adding logic and handling database connections to the test tool.

Today's web applications are multi-tiered and automating tests for them is a challenge. Selenium makes life easy by providing cross-platform execution and cross-browser compatibility.

So, how do we create and run Selenium tests ? Check out the following.


On a lighter note, a couple of live examples of buggy releases

Just today, I came across two instances of bugs which have gone live. It's so glaring, its surprising it made it to the world outside.

Indigo Standard Time v/s Indian Standard time mailer

This is a good one. Indigo airlines wants to tell it's customers how prompt they are when it comes to timings. See the sentence with the timings and you'll know what's wrong.

<Image coming shortly. Please bear.>


Take your bug snapshots on Windows using GreenShot image editor

I recently found a wonderful image editing tool by name GreenShot

It is a great tool for testers to report bugs. As they say pictures speak better than words. Adding a snapshot of a bug you found always helps the developers to troubleshoot and fix problems faster.

This tool helps to capture a portion of or the entire screen and store in easy steps. You can highlight problem areas using boxes, circles and even arrows. Wow, just the tool I needed. No hifi features, just what a tester needs.


Java does not work on your Linux Firefox browser ?

Are you having trouble getting java to work with your firefox browser on Linux.

Unlike windows, where you install Java and lo it's setup with all the browsers seamlessly, on linux it appears to be different. It still requires some manual intervention to get this working.

We were trying to test an file upload applet for one of the products under test. The tests ran fine on Windows. But on Linux, despite reinstalling java and firefox, we couldn't get the applet to run.


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